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Rubber Roofing

If you prefer your weatherproofing to be of a rubber membrane type then we can offer that using ‘Firestone Rubber Cover’ with a life expectancy of up to FIFTY Years and a product warranty of TEN years.

The manufacturer’s material warranty of 10 years covers the material ONLY so this is where

‘our difference’ comes in.

Whichever method of waterproofing you prefer, be it bituminous felt or a rubber membrane, the end result, as far as weatherproofing and aesthetics go, is only as good as the expertise and competence of the tradesman doing the installation.

Not only do we offer workmanship by fully UK trained Firestone operatives but we also offer our expertise in the field of weatherproofing readily available to identify other problem areas which may cause, what could be determined, as a ‘roof leak’ from adjacent areas to the roof.

For example water ingress from absorbent brickwork or maybe a broken or missing slate or tile from an adjacent pitched roof or possible condensation issues....all of which, to the unqualified eye, could well be determined as weatherproofing failure.

Upon our initial survey we will determine any problem areas and notify you of any issues that may need addressing...… after all it would be a waste of your money to simply cover your roof only, at a later stage, for problems to arise that have nothing to do with the immediate area above the signs of water ingress ...

Let our combined 70 plus years of service in the industry sort it for you !!